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welcome to my little piece of the internet!

My name is Mark Sinderson and I'm a nearly middle-aged (OK, fully middle aged) guy who lives in the Atlanta, Georgia area.  I’m married and in addition to enjoying life with the wife I split my non-work hours up in a variety of a ways. A large portion of my free time goes to photography. I'm a very enthusiastic amateur photographer who enjoys getting out with both digital and film cameras whenever possible. I've devoted a lot of time over the last few years to improving my skills and am finally getting to the point where I feel pretty good about my images, although I still have a lot to learn. I enjoy using tools such as Lightroom to edit and manage my images and I'm a huge fan of developing my own black and white film (yes, they still make film) that I shoot with my vintage Rolleicord, Nikkormat and Olympus OM-1. In addition to photography I enjoy keeping healthy and fit by walking, running, road cycling and rowing. I also love Craft Beer and good food, especially if it's cooked on my prized Big Green Egg. I'm also a published author (check out Beyond The Twelve-Ounce Curl on Amazon), a bit of a "budget audiophile" who enjoys ripping FLAC files  and spinning vinyl on my turntable. I also try to read as much as possible.

As you can see, I am dividing up my time in a number of ways, and that brings me to the question you're probably going to ask:

Why Does This Blog Exist? exists as a way for me to share my interests in everything I do outside of work. Over the past few years I have blogged about my interests on various different sites and I figured it was finally time to condense as much as possible into one site.   It seemed to make sense to share my experiences and opinions on my very own site so here we are!

Expect to see posts covering a number of subjects. Photography will be a major part of the content, including image sharing, photo editing techniques, camera and equipment reviews. But, in addition to photography I plan on mixing in content on other areas including:

Reviews and opinions on all types of Craft Beer.

Recipes and information on how to cook great food on your grill or BBQ

Reviews of all types of music that I'm listening to as well as the equipment that I'm using

Health & fitness information including my take on diet/exercise and enjoying life

Other random posts on various subjects that catch my eye.

My hope is that this site will develop into a vibrant spot where people can come for inspiration and information on some of the things that make life more enjoyable. I plan on adding content and developing the site based on your feedback so please let me know if there is something that you would like see covered and I will do my best to make it happen

In addition to this site you can keep up with my activities through any of these options:

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My Portfolio of Images For Sale-Coming Soon!