A Day At The Beach

I'm starting to get through some images from our Oregon trip. Along with some time in Portland Pam and I ventured over to the coast for a couple days. Both of us love the ocean and try to get to the coast, especially the Northwest coast, whenever we can (which is never enough).Here's a quick one that I took along the beach in Seaside, Oregon:

A Day At The Beach

While both of us love the ocean we aren't "beach people" in the sense that we enjoy sitting on the beach or swimming in the ocean. Our preference is to walk along the beach, explore/hike the landscape around the beach and basically take in everything that being along the coast provides.

Image Details

I made the image above while taking a short walk on the beach at Seaside, Oregon. There were a fair amount of people on the beach but I spotted these two people sitting under colorful umbrellas. As I got a little closer I noticed the lady in the pink hat walking into the frame. I waited a minute or so and she stopped almost exactly between the two umbrellas. As you can see she is wearing a bright pink hat that matches one of the panels on an umbrella. That seemed like a pretty good composition so I used the full zoom of the 12-50mm lens (100mm equivalent on the micro 4/3 format) to get a little closer. Right after I made the image the lady in the hat started walking so if I had waited a few seconds more I wouldn't have got the image I got.


As far as post-processing goes I did increase clarity, contrast, and saturation a little to bring out the colors. The light was so flat that I felt the colors needed a bit of a boost. I also cropped a little off the right side.

I have many more images to go through as well as 3 rolls of film from my Rolleicord to develop so look for more images from this trip over the next couple weeks or so.