Architecture Photos-Rolleicord Film vs Canon Digital-Three Columns And Stairs

Our office building has some neat features that I figured would look pretty good in black and white. Back in early October, I took a photo of the space between two of the buildings with my Canon S95 and converted it to B&W using Silver Efex Pro. Here's that digital Image: When I got my Rolleicord I immediately knew that I wanted to re-take that photo using black and white film to see how it came out. I went out to the building on a Saturday and tried to replicate the shot from my digital camera as best as I could. I recently got back the negatives from the lab and here is the result:


As you can see, the perspective isn't quite the same as with the S95. That's because the Rolleicord shoots a square frame and as well uses a 75mm lens (about 49mm on a 35mm camera). I used Ilford HP5 Plus film (400 ISO) and mounted the camera on my tripod.

As far as "post-processing" goes, here's what I did:

I scanned the developed negative at 2400 dpi and at 16 bit gray using my CanoScan 9000f. The resulting file was 51 megs. I imported the image into Lightroom and tweaked the contrast, highlights and shadows a little to get the reflections in the building windows to come out a little better. I also had to clean up a few dust bunnies that somehow made it onto the negative.

Overall I'm very happy with the final result. I need to get better at using the scanner and at doing adjustments in Lightroom but that will come with time. I will pobably also go back and re-shoot this image again to see how it comes out with me doing the developing, instead of a commercial lab.

Which image do you like better, the digital image from my S95 or the scanned film image from the Rolleicord? Let me know, I'm interested to see what everyone thinks.

Happy Shooting!