Barrel Racer

I spent last weekend on a business trip in San Antonio. In between all the meetings we managed to fit in some fun. One of the events was an evening at Knibbe Ranch, a working ranch/entertainment venue outside of town. One of the events was a rodeo performance featuring bull riding and barrel racing. It was dark and the horses and riders were moving very fast but I managed to capture this image:

As you can see the horse and rider are a blur. Given the speed of the riders and the lack of light, there was no way I was going to be able to freeze the motion of the horse. So I opted to try and get an image that was focused on the crowd and let the image of the barrel racer blur from the motion.

I took about 10 shots of the various riders and this one came out the best with a nice, recognizable image of the horse and rider. You can easily make out the riders pony tail and the horse's brightly colored legs.