Canon Powershot S100 Unboxing and Smell Test

As I said in my last post, I ordered a Canon PowerShot S100 to replace my beloved Powershot s95, which I lost while on a trip a couple of weeks ago. Based on my research, needs and budget, the S100 seemed like the right camera for me. Well, thanks to the magic of Amazon Prime ,I received my new camera in 2 days! Now it's time to see what the camera Looks like as well as give it the "all important" smell test:

I will post a proper review of the camera once I get a chance to use it and learn more about it. In the meantime be sure to check out the Flickr group, where you can post images to share with others as well as on our weekly (Friday evening) Google+ hangouts. If you want to participate/view the hangout live just follow me on Google+ or follow the Mark's Photography Spot page on Google+.

Happy Shooting!