Caturday: The Waiting or How To Feed Old Cats

Many of you may know that we are the proud servants :-) to two cats, Oscar and Felix. We got them from a pet rescue service way back in 1999 and they are still doing pretty good, even as they cruise past the 16 year old mark. Every once in a while I post images of one or the both of them (often on a Saturday) and today is one of those days. So here is my "Caturday" (there's a whole Community dedicated to posting images of Cats on Saturday over on Google+ as well as many other social sites) image for today. I call it "The Waiting":

The Waiting:

Now that Oscar and Felix are older they are starting to have some medical issues. Like many older cats, their thyroid goes out of whack, usually to the "hyper" side of things. Both Oscar and felix have "hyper-thyroid" and must take medication to keep it in check. The problem is that cats absolutely hate to be force-fed any kind of pill. So, we crush the pills up and mix it in with some tasty wet food so they never know what hit them :-)

The problem with this is now both Oscar and Felix have fixated on the whole meal preparation process and become very impatient/upset if they aren't fed on schedule. While it is a bit of a PITA it does make for some interesting photo opportunities as they fight over position to watch/supervise Pam prepare their food.