Chicago In Black And White: Hancock Tower, Cityscape, Lake Michigan

Here's another image in my series of images of Chicago in black and white. This one is of the John Hancock Tower, the building that anchors the North end of the Magnificent Mile. I was going to wait a little to process/post this but Christy Spero, one of my G+ friends, challenged me to the #fiveblackandwhitephotoschallenge, and I was obliged to accept :-) So here's my 1st of five black and white images: Hancock Tower Cityscape Lake Michigan

Inspiration and Information

One of the things I wanted to capture on film while in Chicago was the Hancock Tower. It is one of the most iconic buildings in the city, right up there with the Sears Tower, Tribune Building, Trump Tower, etc. So, one morning around 9AM or so, Pam and I made the fairly short walk from our hotel to Milton Lee Olive Park which juts out into Lake Michigan giving some nice views of the North end of Chicago's skyline. The Sun was pretty bright and there were very few clouds in the sky but the surface of Lake Michigan had some nice texture to it.

I set the Rolleicord up on the tripod about two-thirds of the way out the jetty and took a look through the viewfinder to see how things looked. My goal was to get the Hancock Tower along with a few other buildings in th area as well as show the lake. I tried about 5 different compositions and settled on this one to post first. I have another framing that looked pretty good but it will have to wait until later. I like this particular view of the cityscape, lake and Hancock Tower because the flow of the buildings from left to right seem to lead the eye toward the over 1000 foot tall Hancock Tower. The other thing I noticed, but not until today as I was creating this post, was that almost all the buildings to the left of the Hancock Tower are lighter in color, once again leading the eye from left to right.

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