Chicago Land Yacht Siting-Ford LTD

Here's an interesting scene from the streets of Chicago: This bright yellow Ford LTD was seen on the streets of Chicago

I love old cars and as soon as I saw this I knew I had to make a photograph of it. This car was HUGE! I believe it was a 1971 Ford LTD which is a massive car, as you can see from the image. This bright Yellow "Land Yacht" was parked on the side of the street (in a TOW ZONE if you read the sign). I also think, but don't know for sure, that the LTD's "Captain and crew" were the people dining in the background. If any of you follow me on Google+ (and you should) you will see that I often post images of cars, often on Fridays in association with the Four Wheeled Friday theme. This image will be posted on my Google+ stream tomorrow as part of my continuing stream of interesting automobiles.