Colorado 2015-High Valley Color

Wow, this week has been a rough one. I need a vacation from my vacation! :-) Work has been very busy since we got back from our trip out West to Colorado so I haven't had much time to get through all the images. But I did get through one today so here it is:

High Valley Color

I made this image as we were driving from Denver to Durango via US 285. The drive is about 350 miles or so but it is almost never a burden because of the scenery. Well, there was that one time in 1990 or so when we did the drive in a night, but other than that the drive is usually very nice.

This time the drive was simply beautiful with all the fields green from the recent rains and the mountain tops white with snow. In many spots the flowers were in bloom and that's what prompted me to make this image. We were in the San Luis Valley near Saguache, Colorado. The yellow of the flowers was a great contrast to the green of the mountains and the blue of the sky.

The image is a "photo merge" in Lightroom using the built-in HDR function. I used the 12-50mm lens on the Olympus E-M10 and had a polarizing filter on the front to help cut through the terrible mid-day light and bring out a bit more blue in the sky. I bracketed three images in my "standard" of -2, 0, +2 exposure compensation.