Day 25-A Taxing Evening

Ok, I know that's it's not even the end of January yet, but because I'm a glutton for punishment :-) , I've started getting my tax information in order: Day 25-A Taxing Evening

Every year about this time I begin to compile all the stuff needed to file taxes and start entering it into TurboTax, which I've used for over 15 years. I do this mainly to see if we will owe any taxes or if we will be getting a refund. If we owe, I wait until April to pay but if we are getting a refund I file as soon as possible to get my money back. No use giving the government a free loan.

This year it looks like we'll be getting some money back from the State and owing some additional money to the Feds. It's almost a wash in the end but I'll file the State taxes, get the cash in my account, then file the federal return the 1st part of April.