Days 103 Through 106 of Project 365

Here are the last few days of my 2012 Project 365. The subjects cover everything from spider webs to bowling balls with some skateboarding and Italian super-cars thrown in for good measure!

Day 103-Oh What A Wicked Web

A web from an unknown source hangs in a bush in our front yard.

Day 104-I Lost My License Now I Don't Drive

Most of you classic rock fans will recognize that the title of this photograph comes from a song.

Here is the badge from a beautiful white Mazerati Gran Turismo MC that was parked next to us at the grocery store. I wanted to get the entire vehicle but it was blocked in on both sides so concentrated on the iconic symbol of the car.

This car could be your's for a cool 139 grand!

Some specs to drool over:

Engine: 4.7L V8 Horsepower: 440 Top Speed: 187 (two more than a famous singer said his Mazerati goes)

Day 105-The Bailout

This afternoon we had an Atlanta #photowalk at the Old Fourth Ward Skatepark. +John Mason organized it and +Bob Baxley +Shane N. +Kent Foster showed up along with me. We had a good time and I got a lot of practice shooting moving objects. I got several good shots but this one is one of the better ones. It shows one of the guys "bailing out" as he exited the bowl to the right. I managed to get most things sharp and in focus, which I found is tough to do when your subject is moving.

I have a lot to learn yet but I had fun. I'm definitely looking forward to the next opportunity!

Day 106-Baked Bowling Ball

Here's an easy to make recipe that's guaranteed to improve your game:

-Preheat oven to 125-150 degrees Farenheit -Take one well used bowling ball and place on center rack -Carefully bake bowling ball for 20-30 minutes -Remove from oven and wipe off accumulated oil sheen -(repeat as necessary, up to 3 times)

I've tried this recipe in the past and it has improved the response and hitting power of my bowling ball, and that is a very good thing!