Decatur Georgia Building Mural

This past Saturday Pam and I headed down to Decatur, Georgia to meet some friends for dinner and hang out for a concert and fireworks. Being the photography geek I am, I brought my camera hoping to get a couple of good shots. Decatur has done a good job of revitlizing itself over the last 10-15 years. It's now home to a number of good restaurants, art galleries and my favorite beer bar, the Brickstore Pub. This past Saturday was a beautiful Fall day and as we were walking across the plaza the sun was hitting this mural just about perfectly. The colors were really "popping" on it. It's a long mural (about 30 feet) so I had no chance of getting it all in facing it directly so I stepped off to the left side and tried to frame/compose the picture as best I could.

Decatur Building Mural


After I took this picture we wandered around the corner of this building into the Brickstore, where they were celebrating Oktoberfest (I hate when that happens :-) ), had a couple of great beers and ate some tasty food. We capped of the evening with a concert on the plaza and some fireworks. All in all a nice way to spend a Saturday!