Early Morning Bisti Badlands Hoodoo

Here's another image from our recent trip to the spectacular Bisti Badlands: The early morning sun casts a warm glow to one of the many hoodoos in the Bisti Badlands.

During out too short time at the Bisti Badlands we tried to cram as many photographs as possible onto our memory cards. We got there before sunrise, but not knowing exactly where "the good stuff" was we wandered around a little before we found a nice section of hoodoos to photograph. By that time the sun was quickly rising above the horizon and the prime time for capturing images was fading fast.

We found a little slot canyon and wandered up it until we came across a bunch of hoodoos that were still mostly in the shadows. The problem was that everything was above us meaning we had to get up off the floor of the canyon to get decent views. I found a little dirt pile and scrambled up it, being careful to not disturb the fragile mud formations on the canyon walls. As I got to the top of the rise the sun was just starting to light up a bunch of the hoodoos with a soft, warm glow. I looked around quickly and found what I thought would be the best one to shoot.

This particular formation was across the canyon (about 200 feet away) and I was just able to get a decent composition using the 85mm on my 15-85mm lens.