Film Friday: Building Space

Happy New Year and welcome to Film Friday!, the first one of 2015. Here's an image I made on the 500px Worldwide Photowalk back in September. I call it "Building Space" because of the futuristic feel this unusual building took on when I pointed my camera up towards the sky: Building Space

This image was made with my Olympus XA 35mm point and shoot film camera. The film was Kentmere 100, which is a very inexpensive B&W film. The XA is a pretty good little camera that I got from my Father. It was the camera he used back in the 80's when we did a lot of backpacking and outdoor trips with the Boy Scouts.

This image came out OK but the sky was so bright that I think it "blew out" the film. Either that or my development and/or scan was off a bit. There is a lot of what appears to be grain in the image but other frames from the same roll didn't seem to to have it. Either way I had to do a fair amount of adjusting in Lightroom and I think I got it pretty close in the end. It's not gallery quality by any means but for sharing on the interwebs it's fine.

One thing this image showed me is that I need to get back down there and re-image the building under better conditions. I think it holds a lot of possibilities.