Film Friday: Chrome Laden Custom Motorcycle

Happy Friday! This will be the first post in a series (hopefully every Friday) I am calling “Film Friday”. The objective is to share recent images made the “good ‘ol fashioned way”, with film. I’m a huge fan of film (or analog) photography. There’s just something about film that is so zen like and peaceful. The whole process of capturing images on film is very deliberate and I know that the deliberateness of it has improved ALL of my photography, both digital and film. Most of my film images are in black & white because I just love the look of it on film. Anyway, I want to dedicate Friday’s on the blog to sharing some of the film images that I make. You will definitely see film images on other days/posts but Friday’s will be dedicated to film. Sometimes I’ll post multiple images on the same day but most of the time it will be a single image. To start this off, here’s an image I made at the Caffeine and Octane car show here in Atlanta of a nice custom motorcycle: A Nice Chrome Laden Custom Motorcycle


The thing that caught my eye about it was the judicious use of chrome, which is absolutely a perfect material to photograph with black & white film. That particular day I had my 1959 Rolleicord with me, loaded with a roll of Ilford Delta 100 which is a great B&W film. When I saw this custom motorcycle I started to walk around it to see what might be the best view to photograph it from. The owner came up to me and immediately noticed the Rolleicord and got a nice big smile on his face. He obviously recognized the camera and we had a nice conversation about photography and his motorcycle. When I got ready to make the photograph the owner did his best to shoo away a few people who were staring at his beautiful creation. It was obvious to me that he wanted me to get the best possible shot of his pride and joy. I love it when I get help from strangers :-)

A Challenge (And A Prize!)-Where's Mark

OK, here's a pretty easy challenge for all of you. The challenge is to find "me" in the image, or at least my reflection. Just click on the image to have a larger version open up in a new tab. With all that chrome it should be pretty easy. If you think you know where my reflection is send me an email at with the subject "Where's Mark?" and let me know where in the image my reflection is (I'm actually in three different places but any one will work). I'll enter all the correct answers I receive by midnight December 15th (only 1 email per person please) into a drawing for a $5.00 Amazon email Gift Card. I know that isn't much but hey, it's better than nothing, right? :-) Don't worry, there isn't a catch. I won't spam you or send you annoying links. All I ask is if you have a couple extra minutes, please check out my photo gallery site. I've got a number of my favorite images up there and I plan on adding more as time goes on.  If you see something you like you can order a very reasonably priced print for yourself or as a gift. I'd also very much appreciate any feedback you may have as I am constantly trying to improve this blog and the photo site.

Thanks for stopping by!