I've been so busy with work and other stuff this past month or so that I've been slacking a bit as far as this blog is concerned but I captured this image this morning while rushing off to work and it seemed so appropriate given how precious time has been to me recently: Fleeting


I call the image "Fleeting" because of several factors;

  • The flowers are Azaleas and here in Georgia we are almost at the end of the blooming season, which lasts about two weeks.
  • The morning sunlight that only briefly (like 10 minutes brief) touches this particular set of flowers. The rest of the day no direct sunlight shines on the plant.
  • My schedule. I was running a little late for work today and when I came out to the car I saw this scene and decided I'd better capture it ASAP since the weather was supposed to turn and the blooms would soon be gone.

I'm glad I captured this when I did because literally as I arrived back at my car after taking the camera inside the house after taking the image, the sunlight had already left these blooms. Also tomorrow is supposed to be stormy so I suspect that the flowers will be gone by Sunday.

Once again photography has impressed upon me the importance of capturing the moment as soon as you see it because you never know if that moment will ever be repeated again. That's one of the great things I enjoy about photography, the need to stay "in the moment", something that many of us forget to do. I'm glad I was able to live in the moment long enough this morning to capture this image.