Day 92-Fluorescent Jersey

Ok, I'm hopefully back to posting semi-regular updates to this blog. Things have been busy but I have been shooting at least one image a day as I pursue my Project 365. If you want to see every image I've been taking so far in my Project 365, head on over to My Photo Gallery. I'm hoping to get my review if the Sirui tripods we got recently, as well as a review of a new to me lens, the Canon EF-S 15-85mm f/3.5-5.6 IS. I just picked it up today so I will need to get some images with it before I gave a review of it. Stay tuned... In the meantime, here's my image for day 92 of my project 365:

For today's group ride I wore what has to be the brightest cycling jersey in the world. It's made by a company called "See Me Wear" and as you can see it is bright! This is a photo of the front. The entire jersey is in this pattern of fluorescent green, yellow and orange chevrons. Every time I wear it my riding buddies complain about their retinas being burned out by the bright colors and say that "it's so bright that it will make the car drivers want to run you over!"

It's not THAT bright, is it? :-)