Four Wheeled Friday: Street Rod Lineup

Time for another "Four Wheeled Friday" image. This week's is from the Norcross Car Show back in May of this year. There were a lot of really nice cars at the show, but also a lot of people, so getting decent shots of just cars was tough. This was one that I managed to get of a nice lineup of colorful custom street rods: Custom-Street-Rod Lineup

 Inspiration and Information

This image is pretty basic and straightforward. I was drawn to these particular cars because of the nice mix of colors. My hope was to be able to get all four of the cars in the frame, which included the Yellow Corvette on the far left, but there were too many people wandering around.  Don't get me wrong, I love people: just not in my photographs! :-) So, I waited a little bit until I got a few seconds of "free space" and got as many complete cars as possible in the frame.

When I got the image into Lightroom I cropped a little, and bumped up the exposure, saturation and vibrance a little.