Four Wheeled Friday: Corvette Stingray Emblem

Here's a quick shot of a very familiar (at least to car enthusiasts) emblem: The familiar emblem on a  late 1960's bright red Corvette Stingray

The Corvette Stingray is one of the most iconic cars of the 1960's. This particular image is of the trunk on a (I believe) 1968 model.  I captured this with my Canon T3i and my 15-85mm lens. What caught my eye was the super-bright/dark red paint with the shiny chrome emblem. There were a lot of people milling around the car so I decided to capture the emblem by itself. As I usually do, I submitted this for the "Four Wheel Friday" theme on Google + Every week there are a lot of interesting transportation photos posted as part of the theme. Check it out if you want!