Friday Photo Share for October 28, 2011

For this week's Friday Photo Share I'd like to share an image of a small animal that we encountered while on our trip out West. This little guy was waiting for us in the bathroom when both of us got up in the dark to use the facilities while at the hotel in Stovepipe Wells in Death Valley: img_0192_deathvalleyscorpion_lowres

Yup, it was a Scorpion. He was sitting (do scorpions sit?) right on the threshold between the room and the bathroom. I was the first to get up and I walked into the bathroom barefooted, used the toilet, and stumbled back to bed, all in the dark and without noticing it. Pam got up after me and she was smart enough to turn on the light, at which point she said "hey, look at what's sitting on the floor!"

When I saw it I realized that I was very lucky because it was sitting very close to where I walked. If I would have stepped on it I'm sure I would have gotten stung by it. As far as I know I'm not allergic to Scorpions but I've never been stung by one. I guess the Scorpions that inhabit Death Valley are not deadly, so that was comforting :-).After I took this picture with our Canon PowerShot S95 I grabbed the ice bucket and scooped him into it. It was only about 1-1.5 inches long and he (I don't know if it was male or female) was kind of sluggish. It was very easy to get him in the bucket. I took the bucket outside and dumped him in the desert about 50 feet from the door.

That was my first mistaken encounter with a Scorpion and I don't want another. They are kind of cool animals though and Pam was quick to remind me that her high school  mascot was the Scorpions (she grew up in New Mexico).

I'm hard at work going through all the images I took while out there and I hope to recount our trip over a few posts in the coming week or so. I promise that there are no more Scorpion pictures. Stay tuned...

Happy shooting!