Friday Photo Share For October 7, 2011

I hope everyone is having a good week and looking forward to the weekend as I am. For this week's Friday Photo Share I thought I would discuss a couple of photographs from last week's Atlanta Photowalk that I have submitted as entries in two different contests, one for a photography club and one for the photowalk itself.

Now, I am definitely not an expert photographer but I want to improve my skills and I think one of the ways to do that is to take photographs with a purpose in mind and then get feedback on them. I think if we want to improve as photographers it's important to get unbiased feedback on our photos. Entering contests or competitions is one way to get feedback.

This first image is the one I submitted to the photography club, The Southeastern Photographic Society. They have a number of get togethers and field trips as well as a monthly meeting. Each month has a theme for photographs that can be entered in a contest. Members can enter a print or digital image in the contest. During the meeting, the photos are displayed and critiqued and then the winners are picked. The theme for October's meeting (which I'm going to right after I post this) is "patterns and repetition". With that in mind I was on the hunt for images that could fit that definition. During the photowalk I found a few things that could qualify but I think this image is the best one I had:


 The thing that caught my eye with this image was the alternating shadows on the white metal window frame. I tried to frame the window as best I could to accentuate the shadows. It will be interesting to see what the person judging the photos has to say about this image. I don't really expect to win because there are some very talented photographers in the club but I'm sure I'll get some good feedback that I can use to improve my skills.
The next image is one that I submitted to the Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalk site as representative of the walk that we took that day. I think there is a winner from each photowalk and then those winners are entered in the "really big prize" contest. I took this as we were walking off the parking deck we visited. Everyone was getting into the elevator when I looked up and saw this:
The sunlight highlighting the white border of the roof immediately caught my eye. It was if the border was glowing. Once again, I don't think this will win a prize but I enjoy the challenge of trying to take photographs that are "good", which is really an objective thing.
We'll see what feedback I get on these photos. No matter what happens, I think that just the act of trying to find something specific to shoot has helped me improve as a photographer.
What are your thoughts on submitting photographs to be judged or critiqued? Do you think it has helped your photography or not? Let us know in the comments.
Also, I want to remind all of you that you can submit photos for an upcoming Friday Photo Share. If you do you won't have to keep looking at my photos all the time :-) Just send the image as a JPEG (no more than 600 pixels wide) to You can also send a link to an image that's on Flickr or some other photo sharing site.
Happy Shooting!