Friday Photo Share For Septembember 16 2011

Ok, here it is. The first ever Friday Photo Share! Your opportunity to share your photos with everyone. I hope this becomes a popular feature of this blog and that we have a lot of photos to share each week. This weeks theme was "the best photo you have taken in the last 30 days".

Since this is the first edition of this, I guess I'll give you my ideas on how I'd like to present the photos. I think it would be good to put a description of the photo, by the photographer, below the photo in quotes. I'll then try to add something in the way of a comment giving my impressions. The rest of us can use the post comments section to add additional thoughts on the photo(s).

If, for some reason any of you have some different ideas on how to present/comment on the photos, please let me know. I'm more than willing to change things if it will make the experience better for all of us.

The very first photo in Friday Photo Share history is from Mark Griffith and is titled "The Village" and comes to us all the way from Beijing China!:

The Village

Here's how Mark describes the image:

I was out at SanLiTun on a Friday night buying movies to watch back home. It was a hot summer night.  The fountains were still going in the plaza; the water and the big screen always attract a lot of attention.  I spent about 30 minutes standing on the 2nd floor watching the screen change light patterns on the reflected water from above.   As I walked home I saw this silhouette in front of me and I waited for a bit until this amazing advert flashed across and "snap" .

I really like the composition on this,especially how the image of the woman on the screen is above the child who is standing on the plaza. The black and white also does a good job with the shadows and reflections. Great job, Mark!

That's it for this week's Friday Photo Share. Thanks to Mark Griffith for submitting his photo. I'm looking forward to seeing more of his images in future editions.

And that brings us to the end of the first Friday Photo Share. For next week let's go with the theme of "Bring Whatever You Want", which means any (family friendly) image you want, of any subject. To submit your image you can send me a JPEG file or link to the image on Flickr, or other photo sharing sites. Just be sure to keep the width below 600 pixels. You can email me the link or image file at Be sure to attach a short description about the photo. Please get me your images by next Wednesday, September 21st.

Let's get the word out about this so we get a larger number of photos for next week's edition. Tell, everyone you know :-)

See you next week!