Friday Photo Share November 11, 2011

Happy Friday everyone! For this week's photo share I'm offering up an image of a classic muscle car that I took at a car show back in July. I love old cars and have wanted to purchase a late 60's muscle car for a long time. Until I can afford one though (which may be never), the best I can do is visit car shows and take pictures of them :-) Pontiac GTO Front EndThis Pontiac GTO, with it's shiny chrome and black front end, caught my eye. The headlight assembly was especially bright so I decided to make it the focus point of the photograph, while still getting the entire front end of the car in the photograph. I used an small f/stop number (big aperture opening) to try and get a short depth of field. The end result emphasized the headlight while still letting the viewer know what the car is. The one problem that I see with this image though is that I didn't get the whole headlight in the frame. If I had done that it might have been a little better. Oh well, I can fix it at the next car show I attend!

What are some of your favorite cars? Share your photos of them in the comments!

Happy Shooting!