Giant Superman Statue

See The Giant Superman Statue

Who doesn't love Superman- the very definition of America at it's greatest? We definitely do and on our return to Atlanta from a trip to Chicago and the Quad Cities we had the opportunity to pay homage to to him. As we made our way back home we started to see the signs....For miles before the exit at Metropolis, IL the billboards screamed "SEE THE GIANT SUPERMAN STATUE!!!" Well, who in their right mind could ignore that? We certainly couldn't :-) So, we exited Interstate 24 and followed the signs until we came upon the "GIANT SUPERMAN STATUE!!!":


Well, it was fairly large but I wouldn't exactly call it GIANT. To me, GIANT is at least 30 feet, especially if it's Superman. This Superman was a bit shy of that, only topping out at maybe 20 feet. Even at its less than official giant size It was still pretty cool so I grabbed the camera and took a few shots (once all the people left).

The Post-Processing (Hold mouse over image to see EXIF)

The light was kind of flat when I made the images and poor old Superman's paint job was a bit faded. So, in post-processing (using Lightroom), I increased the clarity, vibrancy and saturation a little. I also reduced the highlights a bit and did a small crop to tidy things up.

I'm happy with the final image. The colors are bright and vivid, some could even call them "SUPER". This is a nice piece of roadside Americana that I'm glad we stopped to take in.

Stay tuned for more images from our trip, many of them in B&W film images...