Happy Fourth Of July

The wether isn't cooperating for fireworks here in Atlanta this year but here's an image I made last year when we were in Nashville for their 4th of July Fireworks Spectacular:

Palms Of Fire

We stopped in Nashville on our way up to Chicago last year because we heard they had a great fireworks show. We stayed in a hotel near Downtown so we wouldn't have to fight traffic. At about 4PM we walked down to the riverfront, had some Dinner and then parked ourselves along the river in a prime spot for viewing. We had to sit there for nearly 4 hours before the show started and the riverside was packed with people. I had my T3i, tripod and remote release all set. The show started and it was definitely spectacular.....too spectacular actually. The reason for that was that we were too close to the exploding shells so the air quickly filled up with smoke. I took as many images as I could, trying to time things to catch the fireworks properly. When I got home the next week I had over 250 images from the show but only 3-4 keepers. The image above was probably the best because I caught four shells at once without much smoke obscuring the view. I call the image "Palms of Fire" because the fireworks took on the appearance of palm trees with the combination of exploding shells and streaming trails.