Happy New Year And My Plans For 2017

Hey everybody! Wow, where did 2016 go? It's hard to believe 2017 is here but let me be among the first to wish all of you a Happy and prosperous New Year!

After a long break from actively updating this blog (auto posts from my Instagram have been the only real activity on this blog since March) I should be able to get back into the swing of things and actually start posting original content again. Let me bring Y'all up to speed on what's been taking up my time and let you in on my plans for this blog in 2017.

What I've Been Up To

Since March of 2016 I've been focused on a new path in my career which is finally coming together and should allow me to spend some more time indulging my many non-work pursuits, including this blog. Here's some more details:

Some of you may know what it is that I do for "work" but my guess is most of you have no idea. That is by design since I have always figured it's not very beneficial to mix "work and play". I'm still mostly of that belief but I think it's now fine to share some of the details, especially since the changes will allow me to offer my services to those of you that might be interested.

Since 2002 I have worked in the Financial Services field as a Financial Advisor/Planner. My desire was to offer true financial planning, not just sales of financial products. To that end I earned the CFP® Certification in 2006. For the last ten years I worked with an independent wealth management firm whose clients were typically "high net worth". This means that they had in the neighborhood of $1,000,000 of net worth (or more). While I enjoyed the people I worked with I originally got into the profession to help as many people as possible plan and secure their financial futures, not just millionaires.

So, last year I decided that it was time to make some changes and I began working with a start-up company dedicated to making quality financial planning available to anyone who wanted it. We are just about done creating the platform we will use and expect to roll it out early in 2017.

Once we go live, I will be able to offer low-cost, comprehensive financial planning and investment management services to just about anyone, anywhere. Our platform will be "virtual" meaning we'll use technology to deliver our services. We won't be tied to a specific office location or company. If you want to work with us you can, no matter where you are located. As I said, I'll let all of you know when things are ready to roll so stay tuned....

What does this mean for this blog? Well, the big benefit is that I will be in much more control of my time since I won't be tied to an office from 7AM to 6PM five days a week. The whole point of me making the changes I did is to help people "live their ideal life" and I want that to apply to me as well. I will be able to spend more time enjoying my out-of-work hobbies and as a result adding content to this blog. I'm a firm believer that life is much more than work and I want this blog to reflect that. Here's what I have planned, area by area that hopefully can help you "live your ideal life", whatever that may be.


I've been a lover of music for a long time. Music is a powerful art form and I have been influenced by it my entire adult life. I have a lot of CD's and in 2015 I purchased a turntable and began collecting vinyl. Along those lines, I started my "Studio One Project" back in December 2015. The idea was to purchase and review each of the recordings (on vinyl, of course) that were done at Studio One, a now defunct studio here in Atlanta that produced some of the most iconic music of the 1970's and early 80's. Click the link above for more info. I made it through 3 of the 51 or so albums recorded there before I got derailed.

My plan is to pick the project back up here in the next week or so with a review of the 4th album, Elf, so stay tuned for that review. In addition to that project I will also review other music-related items (software, audio equipment, etc.). Hopefully my adventures in music will inspire you to experience some new music in your life.

Personal Finance

Now that I have more freedom in my professional pursuits I plan on sharing some useful information on the whole area of personal finance, financial planning and investments. I will probably use my firm's website/blog for most of this but expect to see some content as well. I'll update everyone on this as things come together.


I have been a enthusiastic amateur photographer since 2011 and really enjoy the challenge of interpreting the world around me through a lens. I haven't done nearly as much photography over the last year as I would have liked so I hope to be using my camera much more in 2017 and beyond. I'll try to post a few photography-related things here as I get time.


I'm not embarrassed to say that I've always been a geek. I enjoy gadgets and technology and I want to share that with the readers of this blog. My plan is to post reviews of gadgets, share tips and generally revel in world of technology

Health and Fitness

I've been a fitness lover since high school and have spent the last 40 years or so pursuing a balanced lifestyle that includes keeping myself physically fit and vital. The way I've pursued that has changed over the years but I think I can provide some useful tips, tools and resources to help people get the most out of life through diet and exercise.

Wrapping It Up

As you can see I am looking forward to re-engaging with the blog and everyone who reads it. Hopefully you enjoy what I produce and I am looking forward to engaging with all of you via the comments.

Stay tuned for all the fun! I expect that the first few posts will be focused on continuing the Studio One Project as well as talking about some dietary changes we most likely will be pursuing in the new year.