HDR Landscape Photograph-Clouds Over The Canyon

Here's another image from our recent trip out to Colorado that shows the power of using HDR in creating a landscape photograph. This one is of Red Canyon at Colorado National Monument: Colorado National Monument's Red CanyonI took this about 50 minutes before "official" sunset but the Sun was already pretty low in the Western sky (left side of the image) and it was highlighting the canyon walls and the clouds above the canyon. The colors of the canyon were starting to appear but so were the shadows at the bottom of the canyon (especially on the left side). I wanted to show the entire canyon as I saw it and with the depth of the canyon, the bright clouds and the differences in lighting between the West and East walls of the canyon I knew it would be next to impossible to get anywhere close to a proper exposure with just one image.

The only way to do it was by bracketing my shots. I did 3 shots (-2,0,+2) and dumped the brackets into HDR Efex Pro2 to get this result, which comes very close to what Pam and I saw that evening.

Another win for HDR landscape photography!