Ice Photography- Frozen Holly Berries

Living here in the South I don't get too many opportunities to practice my ice photography skills. Well, today was the second "major" winter storm here in Atlanta/Georgia in just two weeks. This is a pretty rare occurrence for us. As a result, our office was closed and we all telecommuted as we watched the freezing rain/sleet/snow fall. The upside to this was that the ice made for some interesting ice photography opportunities. I stepped out into the driveway during my lunch break with the goal of getting some shots of the ice on one of our Holly bushes. This was one instance that I wished I had the Tamron 90mm Macro Lens but I haven't purchased it (yet). So I used my 15-85mm lens on full zoom and tried to get the best shot possible of the few "frozen berries" that were on the bush. Here's the best result I got out of about 15 images:


Berries On Ice

Focusing on the small berries was a challenge, especially since there was a fair amount of wind. I wanted to get closer to the berries but the 15-85mm doesn't allow super-close focusing distance. Even with that, I was able to capture some of the crystal-like detail in the frozen droplet.