If You Want Something Done Right

Here's an image from our trip to Chicago last July. I "rediscovered" this earlier this week when I spent some time revisiting old images:

I was inspired to revisit the images from Chicago when my friend Travis Rhodes posted a great B&W image of the famous "Bean" he made while recently in the Windy City. Here's the link to the image (check it out, it's pretty damn good!)

This prompted me to take a look at my Chicago images to see if I could tease something better out of what I had photographed. Unfortunately my few images of the Bean were OK but not good enough to turn into a great image via a B&W conversion. But, in going through the images from that day I came across the image above. The original version was in color and not very interesting. When I did a quick conversion to B&W in Lightroom the image became much better, allowing the repeating pattern of the bikes to come out. This once again proves that, as photographers, we are "obligated" to see the world a little differently in order to interpret it in unique ways. That's what I find challenging about photography and I am constantly struggling to see the world a little differently but I think I'm getting better at it.

So, my tip of the day is to take a different look at some images that maybe you discounted in the past. You might just find something new!