Meat And Three

Today Pam and I ate lunch at a classic southern cafeteria: Matthews Cafeteria is located in Tucker, GA. It's been featured on the Food Network's Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. It's only about 3 or four miles from Pam's office and since I had the day off I decided we needed to go and get some classic southern food. And for most people that means "meat and three".

We got there just before Noon and the line wasn't very long at all. Many days people are wrapped around the building. I guess the holiday affected the usual lunch crowd. Within 5 minutes we were making our way through the line. I was really hoping to get some Fried Chicken but it wasn't being served today so  I went for the next best thing, fried Chicken Livers! :-) I hadn't had good fried Chicken Livers in a long time so I decided to give them a try. For the "three" part of the meal (usually meaning two vegetables and a starch) I decided to get some collard/turnip greens, northern beans and a salad. Pam got the Salisbury Steak, greens and green beans and a salad. We each got a small Iced Tea as well. The grand total was $18.00, not bad for two tasty lunches.

The food was very, very good. Everything was fresh and the flavors were right on point. The Chicken Livers had a nice, crispy outer coating and were done just right. The beans and greens were buttery and had a nice hint of bacon in them. Pam's Salisbury Steak was super-tender and the green beans excellent as well. We left nicely full, but not stuffed.

If you are ever near tucker, GA and want to try some traditinal Southern food, definitely stop at Matthews Cafeteria!