Meet New People And Make More Friends With A Vintage Film Camera

Are you tired of the bar scene? Do you want to meet new people but don't like to introduce yourself to total strangers? If that sounds like you then I might just have the perfect solution, a vintage film camera! I say this based entirely on my personal experience with my vintage Rolleicord camera over the last few weeks. I figured I would get some attention but I have been pretty much blown away by the amount of attention an old camera gets. Forget the latest and greatest digital super-camera, if you want attention, shoot film!

Here's a summary of some of the comments I have received after only two times venturing out into the public with my Rolleicord.

At Atlanta's Piedmont Park The Day After Thanksgiving

  • "Wow, that's a cool camera!"-From a small group of teenagers walking by.
  • "You sure don't see those very much anymore"-From a guy who looked to be in his mid 30's. We talked for a couple minutes about photography in general.
  • "Does that thing work?"-A guy in his 50's who was very interested in how the camera worked. I spent a few minutes showing him how to compose and take a shot.
  • "My Father had one of those"-The husband of a family enjoying the nice weather in the park. Once again, I spent a few minutes relating my story of how I decided to get the camera and how much fun it was to use.

At The Caffeine And Octane Car Show This Past Sunday

  • "That's awesome, a vintage camera to photograph vintage cars"-One of the car owners
  • "That guy's shooting Old Skool!"-Some people wandering by me as I was looking at a car
  • "That camera's older than my Harley". -The owner of this 1949 Harley. BTW, my Rolleicord is only from 1958 so its much younger :-) :
  • "Can you still get film for that?"-An older guy was very interested in the availability of film and where I got it processed. I told him that there is still a fair amount of film available and that I just started developing my own film. He seemed impressed with my technical skills (if only he knew how few I really have) :-)
  • "I used to have one of those at home but that was thirty years ago"-From a guy who was watching me photograph a classic Firebird SD455. We talked for a good 5 minutes about cars, photography and life in general. At the end he asked me if he could take a photograph of me with the camera saying "nobody will believe me unless I show them a photo"

And Probably The Best Comment Yet

  • "That's a cool camera and all but let's see you make a phone call with it!"-Said by a couple of guys who had huge smiles on their faces. To which I replied, "That's what this is for" as I pulled out my cell phone. We talked for a while and they both recalled the pre-dgital days and how much fun they had with cameras. One of them was very interested in my Rolleicord and I gave him some ideas on where he could go to research the camera.

The bottom line is that if you want to get attention, get yourself a vintage film camera and walk around a public place taking photographs. I'll pretty much guarantee you that you will get some attention, whether you want it or not.

So many people are surprised that film still exists and many people who are under the age of 20-25 simply haven't seen a film camera, EVER, which is kind of surprising to me.

I'm having a lot of fun with the camera and I think it's great that people notice the camera. It gives me an opportunity to talk about a hobby that I love as well as maybe educate some people on the incredible history that photography has.