Colorado 2015-Million Dollar Dreams For Sale

We just got back from a week out in Colorado. It was a busy week filled with visiting friends and family, so not really a photography trip. But we did manage to spend some time photographing what we could as we drove back and forth from Denver to Durango, Colorado and the four corners area of New Mexico. We tried to do the best as we could with the mostly flat, midday light that we encountered. Here's one of the images from the trip. It's from a day trip Pam and I took from Durango to Ouray Colorado and back. It's a fantastic drive with all manner of majestic snow-capped mountains along the way: Million Dollar Dreams For Sale- Between Silverton and Ouray Million Dollar Dreams For Sale- Between Silverton and Ouray

We saw this old abandoned mine building along US 550 as we were driving from Silverton to Ouray. It's sitting right along the road in plain sight. I thought it would be an interesting shot, especially if I could draw out some of the colors in the building and hillside. The problem was that the light was super-bright midday sun, making for a pretty flat scene. There were some shadows in the building and along the hill that I wanted to account for so I decided it would be worth a try to create a "natural HDR" image. I bracketed three images at -2, 0, +2 exposure compensation and used Google/Nik's HDR Efex pro to create the image.

I played around with the saturation, clarity and color temperature to get the final image. I think it's pretty close to what you would see in a little better light. One thing I like about the image is that I managed to get the dark blue of the sky in the building's windows.

I have a number of other shots from the trip that I'll work on over the next couple of weeks and I'll post them here as I get through them.

Stay Tuned!