More Film Cameras!-My Father's Nikkormat and Nikomat Vintage 35mm SLR's

My vintage camera collection just keeps growing! A couple weeks ago I added an Olympus OM-1 35mm SLR to my collection and now I have two more vintage film SLR's, a late 1960's (circa 1967-1968) era Nikkormat and Nikomat FTN. I picked these up while visiting my parents. These are fully manual cameras with built in light meters. In addition to the camera bodies I got a 50mm f/2 Nikkor lens and a 200mm f/4.5 telephoto. Here are both cameras and the 50mm lens: Nikkormat

These cameras were used by my Father to record thousands of family vacation, birthday,holiday and a bunch of other images (mostly all on slide film) over the course of my (and my Brother's) childhood. He switched to more automated film camera's in the mid 1980's and then digital in the early 2000's. He currently uses a Canon super-zoom and loves it.

From what I hear, these cameras are built like tanks, and I hope this is true. These two particular cameras are well used and have been all over the place (with some battle scars to prove it). These are definitely not in "like new" condition :-) As you can see in the images below, the Nikkormat has a fair amount of wear and tear on it. The Nikomat (the Japanese market version of the camera) has similar scrapes and scuffs:

There are some scrapes ans scuffs on the top of the Nikkormat from the nearly 25 years of use.

The front of the Nikkormat shows some brassing and deterioration of the leather cover.

They both seem to work fine but haven't been used in probably 20 years. I plan on taking the cameras to get a good CLA before using them.

I'm excited to take over the "care and feeding" of these cameras. Growing up, I have many memories of all of the trips that we took as a family and these cameras were always there to capture all the fun. There's a lot of history in these cameras and I  look forward to keeping the history going and making some great photographs with them!

If you are thinking about acquiring a vintage film camera, be sure to ask your family and friends if they have any analog cameras that they haven't used (and don't plan on using). You just might find some old "memory makers" that you can give new life to!