My First Attempt At Developing Your Own Film

Everyone I talked to or read about on the web said that developing your own film is easy and fun. Well, today I tested that theory. I developed my first roll of film. Here's the final result: As you can see, the film came out with actual images on them, which was a pleasant surprise :-) I went into this 1st attempt with very low expectations but the end result was (almost) perfect. I say "almost" because there are at least two frames that are damaged in some way. The frames are the 2nd and 3rd (from the bottom). If you look closely you can see the left side of those frames has a purple "blotch" on them. I'm not sure how that happened but my uneducated guess is that either that section of the film was touching another section due to improper placement of the film on the reel (highly likely due to my error) or that that section somehow didn't get any developer on it.

Either way, its something I need to correct next time, but I need to figure out what caused it first. If any of you have any ideas what caused it, please let me know.

Other than that, I'm very happy with the outcome. This was a "junk" roll of film meaning that I didn't have an critical images on it. I have one other roll like that that I finished shooting today and I plan on developing it here in the next week or so.

One roll down, many more to go!