My Project 365 Strategy And Why I'm Doing It

This year I committed to doing a Project 365. For those of you not familiar with the term, Project 365 is basically where you take at least 1 photograph every day for a full year. I thought it would be a good way to 'force" me to use a camera more and would help me develop my abilities as a photographer. Now that I'm done with the 1st 10% of the project (36 days) I have some thoughts on what my goal with this project 365 will be and how I plan to approach the rest of the year. For me, photography is one of many things that I do  and it comes at the bottom of the list most days of the year, especially Monday through Friday. I wish I could devote more time to photography but the reality is that between my career and other interests, (road cycling, craft beer, BBQ, bowling, RC gliders, and my wife) time for photography is usually fairly limited. I didn't want that to deter me, however, from attempting the project 365. I just need to realize that I won't be able to devote much time to finding awesome things to shoot, especially during the workweek. To turn this potential negative into a positive I decided that I wouldn't pressure myself to constantly try and seek out "artsy" photographs but rather just document my day-to-day life through the camera as best as I can.

By doing my best to document the things I do as creatively as possible I will have more opportunities. Sure, there will be photography specific days or trips this year, and I plan on making the most of them, but for all the other days I can feel OK taking a picture of the food I'm eating or the place I'm shopping at. If I have the chance to really capture something creative I definitely will try, but for the rest of the time I'll just try to make the best image possible from what I have to work with.

So, as the year progresses I plan on posting as many "proper" photographs as possible but I will also be posting a lot more ordinary, everyday images from my life. I expect that my Canon PowerShot S95 will get a lot of work this year because it's so portable and takes great images. I'll use my Canon T3i DSLR whenever I can since it offers much more creative potential.

There you have it, my plan on how/why I am attempting to complete a project 365. I expect I will learn a lot along the way an might even take a few decent photographs along the way :-) I'm looking forward to the challenge, that's for sure.

How about you? Have you completed a project 365 or are you in the middle of one right now? What's your plan and how are you approaching it?