New Weekly Feature: The Friday Photo Share

As part of my desire to build a place where the photography community can help each other learn and succeed I'll be adding a new weekly feature to this blog, The Friday Photo Share. The Friday Photo Share will be an opportunity for the readers of this blog to submit a photo, along with a description of the circumstances or situation that prompted them to take the photograph. The subject of the photo can be just about anything, as long as it is family-friendly. Perhaps as we get going with this we can set a subject for each week, such as landscapes, urban, photo critique etc. I'm really leaving it up to you to determine the track that this will take.

Some Ground Rules

Ok, now that I've come up with this fantastic idea ;-) I guess I should state some basic ground rules for this:

  1. All submitted photos will need to be sent to
  2. The submitted photos will need to be JPEG format and be no larger than 600 pixels wide in order to fit in the content area of the blog.
  3. Please keep the image file size under 200k in order to save bandwidth and hosting costs.
  4. Along with the photo please submit a description/title of the photo, your name (if you want to remain anonymous let me know in the email), any brief story behind the photo (under 300 words please) and your blog/contact information (if any).
  5. Each weekly post may have more than 1 photo in it, up to a reasonable limit as determined by me.
  6. Any submissions for the weekly Friday Photo must be received by Wednesday at Noon Eastern of the same week in order to be considered for that weeks post. If you miss this deadline I'll try to get your image in a following week's post if possible.

I think that's all the "rules" I need for now. As we get into this and it grows we might need to add some additional requirements but I'm hoping we can keep it pretty straightforward and easy to do. As this is a brand new idea, there is a lot of room to shape it. That's why I want feedback from all of you as to what you would like to see the Friday Photo Share become. Let me know of any themes you would like to see or anything else you can think of that will make this weekly feature better.

Friday Photo Share for September 16, 2011

Since next week will be the first Friday Photo Share let's make it something fairly wide open. How about:

Share the best photo you have taken in the last 30 days.

Submit your best photo from the last 30 days and give a brief description of the photo and what makes it your best photo from the last 30 days.

Remember to get me your "entries" by next Wednesday, September 14th at Noon Eastern.


To start this off and get you thinking about your own photos, here's what I think is my best photo from the last 30 days:

Sweetwater Mill


This photo was taken at Sweetwater Creek State Park, which is a little west of Atlanta, GA. We went out here in late August with one of the local photography groups. The park has a lot of history behind it, most if that relating to this crumbling building. The New Manchester Manufacturing Company textile mill was built in 1849 and was destroyed by General Sherman during his famous march to the sea in the Civil War. This was a fairly large building at the time but has slowly crumbled over the last 150 years.

I took this photo looking through one of the old entrances. The thing that I like most about this image is how I was able to compose the old wall of the mill within the opening of the door. Creative composition has been something that I've been hard at work on trying to improve and in this picture, I think I got it mostly right.

That's it for me. Let's see what y'all can come up with for next week!

I'm looking forward to this weekly feature and I hope it has you excited to get out there and take some great photos to share right here! And, if you haven't subscribed to this blog yet, what are you waiting for? Get in on the ground floor and don't miss a single post!