Office Hawk

Look what landed on the ledge outside my office this morning: This Coopers Hawk (I'm pretty sure that's the species) has been nesting in the trees around our office building for a couple of years. Each year about this time it starts flying around the immediate area as if its checking out the area. Maybe it's establishing its territory? It lands on the ledge outside my office window several times a week but is often very skittish.

Today, as I was working I heard the telltale "knock" on the window as the Hawk lands on the ledge. I think its the beak that hits the glass. I turned around slowly to take a look at it and to get my camera to hopefully get a good image of it. I realized that the camera was in my car and not on my desk (insert Homer Simpson-like DUH! here)  but I pulled out my cellphone to see if I could get a shot of it before it flew off.

The hawk sat fairly still, allowing me to snap a couple of quick photographs with my Droid phone. The resulting image will definitely not make the cover of National Geographic but I still think it's a neat image.

Hopefully the hawk shows up again when I have a real camera sitting on my desk!