Oregon Coast Seascape: Rolleicord vs Olympus

I really enjoy the Ocean. On our recent trip to Oregon we spent a few days in and around the Cannon Beach area of the Oregon coast. While the weather was great for walking around it wasn't so great for photography due to the cloudless skies and super-bright/harsh light. I made the best of it and tried to capture as many shots as I could with my Rolleicord on B&W film as well as my Olympus E-M10. Here's a couple of images I made while at an overlook at Ecola State Park:

Stone Sentinels-Rolleicord

Stone Sentinels-Olympus E-M10

Peaceful Seascape

Image Details

I made these images while at an overlook at Ecola State Park, which is just North of the town of Cannon Beach. As you can see from the images, the sky was cloudless and the Sun was very bright. It was about 11:30AM when I made these and the light was very harsh and there was nearly zero contrast. The view, however, was nice so I took a few shots with both my Olympus E-M10 and the Rolleicord.

When I got the film developed I preferred the B&W images from the Rolleicord over the color/digital image from the Olympus. I think because of the square format and the fact that the B&W film did a better job of minimizing the harshness of the light. The film version also gave a more traditional or vintage feel to the scene, which I thought was appropriate.

Which version do you like? Let me know in the comments.