Outdoor Dining

Here's a little "Urban Still Life" photography from our trip to Oregon:

Outdoor Dining

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I made this image around 9:30 AM on a Sunday as I walked along the sidewalk near the Portland Convention Center. There is a large transit center in the area, with light rail and bus routes intersecting so there is a lot of activity with people coming and going. As I walked by this bench I immediately was drawn to the bright blue color of the bench against the mostly gray concrete wall. The empty can of Stokely's Pork and Beans was also intriguing because it got me wondering what the situation was and who left the empty can. Hell, I didn't even know that Stokely's was still in business, I haven't seen a can like this in forever.

 My guess is that someone stopped by the bench at some point in the overnight hours to eat this can, probably cold. Given the large number of butts on the ground they probably enjoyed their pork and beans with a cigarette.

It's little scenes like this that I find interesting because all you are seeing is the "after" so you are left to wonder what the "before" and "during" consisted of. I'm getting better at catching things like this but I'm sure I miss a lot of these shots as I go about my day. Hopefully, I catch more of these in the future.