Photo Share and Discussion Number 34

I'm going to try and post, here on the blog, a recap of the weekly Photo Share & Discussion that I host on Google+ most Fridays. Here is the video from episode #34, which aired on November 8th, 2013:

Here are the links from the hangout: This is a great film-centric podcast that I stumbled on last week. The podcast started back in 2009 and has over 90 episodes. Most episodes are one to two hours in length. There is lots of good information on shooting, developing and enjoying the world of analog photography. I'm on episode 12 and it is a great way to get your film fix while working or commuting. This is the site of photographer Linde Waidhofer, who specializes in Southwestern landscapes. I became aware of this site from the film photography podcast (the link above). I was immediately drawn in by her images of the Bisti Badlands, which we have visited and were completely blown away by. She has a number of free ebooks that are well worth downloading and enjoying. Shorpy is a neat historical photo blog. Each day there is a new image from the past. It is a great way to see what life was like, not to mention there is some great images to view. Frank, a regular participant on the hangout, shared a great link that gives some unique tips on capturing fireworks in a unique way. The technique is one that I haven't seen before but it makes sense. Check it out!