Photo Share And Discussion Number 35

Here's the video from tonight's photo share and discussion, number 35 in the series: We had a good show tonight with some solid discussion about the merits of slowing down and taking you time before pressing the shutter button. John, Frank and Christy shared some nice images and I tossed in a few of my own.

Here's the links we shared during the hangout. This is a nice article on how to photograph strangers, which is something that I have struggled with in my own photography. The article offers tips on how to approach people as well as capture their image without them noticing. Frank suggested we check out this site for some insight into how to improve our image composition. Adam seems like a very accomplished photographer so I will be interested to read more. Another site Frank suggested is worth reading. I've only poked around on it for a little bit but it seems to a worthwhile read. A podcast that Frank suggested we check out, which I plan on doing. Are you a hardcore digital shooter who is interested in exploring the world of analog photography? If so, I heartily encourage you to jump right in and give it a try! Film photography is a great complement to digital. If you are looking for some initial information this article will get you headed in the right direction.