Photo Share & Discussion #36

Edition #36 of the Photo Share & Discussion was last night and after a short delay due to Flickr acting up, we had a good show. Here's the video:

Christy did a great job running through the images on Flickr since my account was all gunched up. Apparently I got "picked" to beta their new interface, which failed miserably. I figured it out this morning by searching the Flickr help forum. Apparently, if you switch the language to something other than English you get the "old" layout back. So, for the time being, as long I view my page/photostream in Spanish I'm fine.

We had some good images to review and we talked about how proficient Christy seems to be in using Photoshop. I finished up with a couple of links:

Here's one about a NY City street photographer who is finally getting some well-deserved recognition at the age of 89.