Photo Share Podcast Update And Smartphone Photography Apps-Episode 10

Well, we made it to episode 10! The podcast is moving along better than I expected when I started it. Thanks so much to all of you for the support, I really appreciate it. I'm really enjoying the time I spend recording and producing this podcast and I have a lot of ideas for upcoming episodes. Photography is a great hobby/pursuit and I'm hoping that all of you are finding this podcast to be an enjoyable part of your week. Thanks again for the support ! :-) Back in episode 7 I asked for any images you had that you wanted to share in a future podcast episode. Well, we had one brave soul who stepped up and submitted an image. Thanks so much to Wesley Hetrick for submitting this very nice fireworks image:

237 Candles by Wesley Hetrick

I really liked this image. The colors and reflections of the fireworks over the water are very nice. The exposure time was 8 seconds at f/8 and the focal length was 18mm. The camera was the Canon Rebel T4i which is one generation newer than my T3i. Nice job Wesley and thanks for your contribution!

I plan on doing another image submission/discussion request later on this Spring so stay tuned and I'm looking forward to seeing more great photographs!

Smartphone & iPhone Photography Apps

Here are the links to the smartphone photography apps I spoke about on the podcast. All of these are available in the Google Play store but I'd imagine similar, if not the same apps, are avaialble on the Apple side of things.

Tiny Light Meter is a handy light meter app that works very well.

Photo Tools has a bunch of great things to help photographers maximize their effectiveness. It is a very full-featured app that is well worth trying out.

Film Developer Timer is for those of us that are having fun developing our own film. It has a database of film and chemical combinations so you can come up with the correct time for developing your film. It is a very useful darkroom tool.

If any of you have some photography related apps for either Android or iPhone please let me know and I'll share them here.