Photography Poll: What Image Editing Software Do You Use

Time for another photography poll. We're getting more and more participation and starting to get some good results. If you haven't participated in the previous polls, you can find them here, and here. This week's photography poll is about image editing software. I've been spending a lot of time the last couple of weeks going through all the photos from our trip out to Death Valley and Zion. Part of the process is making some edits to the images in order to improve them. This could be something like resizing, cropping, editing the color/contrast, etc.

There are a lot of different image editing software options out there so I'm interested in seeing what everyone is using. I've listed some of the more popular choices but if you use something else, check the "other" box and please leave a comment with what software you are using. That way readers might be able to get some new ideas if they are looking to make a change. You can also give more than one answer since many of us use multiple applications for different things.

As for me, I use a combination of PaintShop Pro and FastStone (which I've indicated in the poll). I've thought about getting Adobe Photoshop but I'm finding it hard to justify the multiple hundreds of dollars cost at this point. I'd be interested in hearing from all of you why you like using what you're using.

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