Photography Poll: Which Format Do You Shoot, RAW or JPEG

OK, it's been a while since the last post but I have a great excuse, we were out West for a week long vacation. We spent time in Death Valley and Zion National Parks with stopovers in Las Vegas while coming and going between the two. It was a great trip and I shot a lot of images. I'm hopeful that I can get through them in the next few days and start sharing our experiences. Stay tuned... I met a lot of other photographers while on the trip (some extremely serious and some more casual) and it got me thinking, "What format do people shoot, RAW or JPEG?" So this photography poll asks that exact question. In the age of digital cameras that seems to be a question that comes up just about every time photographers get together. It's a question that's almost as old as "Canon or Nikon?", although the question has really only been asked for the last 10 years or so. That question is "Do you shoot in RAW or JPEG?".

Please note that I didn't say "shoot in the RAW...", that's a personal decision that is the subject of another, completely different, poll :-)

As for my personal experience with this, in the short time that I've been back into photography, I've been asked this question several times. There are people on both sides of this "issue". The RAW purists don't want anything at all to corrupt their images, and they want total control over the photo. JPEG shooters on the other hand seem to be fine with the slight loss of control over the image because of the reduced time needed and the smaller, more portable file sizes.

For me it's pretty much RAW all the time. I figure I'm trying to get the best image possible and RAW gives me the most flexibility in terms of adjusting and tweaking the image.

So, what is it for you, RAW or JPEG?

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