Photography Poll: Who Makes Your Favorite Camera

I'm always interested in people's opinions, and it's fun to learn more about the people who read this blog. So, from time to time I'll post some type of Photography Poll to get feedback from you regarding different topics in the world of photography. Some of the polls will be be fairly general while others will ask you to give a Yes/No answer. I'm hoping to use the information from the polls to make sure I'm addressing your needs with this site. By knowing what types of subjects, information, and equipment you are interested in hearing about I can do my best to give you what you're asking for. I may also use a poll to determine the "prize" for any contests or giveaways that I run.

This first poll is fairly basic. All I'd like to find out is what is your favorite camera manufacturer. Keep the answers to cameras you actually own currently, have owned in the past or have at least used a fair amount. You can consider digital cameras or film cameras. It can be a point-and-shoot, DSLr, or full-format camera. As long as it's a camera that you have actual experience with, it counts. You will be able to view the results as you go, just click the "View Results" link.  I'll also try to do a summary of the previous poll before I start a new one.

I'll start this off with my vote, which is for Canon. Thanks in advance for your participation and I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone's favorite camera is.

Here you go!


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