Pictures That Make You Think-What Do They Serve Now

We just got back from a trip out to Oregon, which included some time in Portland and along the Northern coast. While the trip wasn't 100% photography related I did manage to get some images, both digital and film, that I am starting to go through. I will be posting several of them as I get time to.

A new photo project arises from the streets of portland

To start things off I thought I'd post an image I made while in Portland that is the 1st official image in a new project I'm starting called "Pictures That Make You Think". That's a pretty broad area to cover but I think (pun intended) that it will help me become better at spotting opportunities to make images of things that prompt some form of thought. What kind of thought? Well, I think the images will be ones that prompt some kind of additional thought/consideration beyond the image itself. It could be words or phrases, like in the image below, or situations/interactions as well as the context of the image itself. I don't intend for the project to be anything specific to one particular political/religious/cultural, etc. point of view so I imagine there will be images covering the whole spectrum. Part of the project will be for me to come up with creative or descriptive titles that hopefully prompt the viewer to put some extra time pondering the image.

So, with all those formalities out of the way, I proudly present the first image in what I hope will be an ever-growing catalog of images that make you think:

Pictures That Make You Think 1- What Do They Serve Now?

One thing I noticed about Portland is that it is full of food carts. The downtown area has multiple places (usually on the periphery of parking lots) where groups of food carts are setup. There's all kinds of food in these carts and the few that I sampled during our stay were pretty good. The cart pictured above was located near Pioneer Square and it immediately caught my eye. Do you know why?

Well, take a look at the sign. What do you notice? The word "served" instead of what I would think would be the correct word of "serve". That caused me a bit of a pause to wonder what they serve now?

Stay tuned for more images from Oregon as well as additional images in my new project "Pictures That Make You Think"