Pittsburgh In Black and White: Gateway Station

We were in Pittsburgh for a visit over the Labor Day holiday and I managed to make it out to the city with my trusty Rolleicord to make a few images. I managed to get through one roll of film in the camera as well as a roll of 35mm film in my old Olympus XA. I developed the film from the Rollei and just got a few scanned in. Here's one that I like:

What appealed to me about this image is all the glass, aluminum and concrete. There were lots of shapes and lines going on in the frame and, as a bonus, NO PEOPLE! I had to wait a couple of minutes for somebody to clear out of the structure and when they did I quickly made the image before someone else wandered into the scene and ruined it. Now, I like people and all but I don't like them in these types of shots. I want the architecture, light and shadows to do the talking.

I ahve to go through most of the rest of the frames from this roll as well as develop the 35mm roll from the Olympus XA so hopefully there are a few more good frames waiting to be revealed.........