Pittsburgh In Black And White: On Second Thought v2

Here is another in my "Pittsburgh In Black and White" series, highlighting images from my home town captured in black and white. This post is about two images of the same scene made almost exactly a year apart using two different cameras, a digital SLR and a vintage film camera. I'll start off with the first image, from last year and then talk about the similarities and differences to this year's image. At the end I'm hoping you'll take a quick minute to let me know which one you like more through a quick survey...

The First One

Just over a year ago we were in Pittsburgh when I made this image:

Image One-On Second Thought- The Digital Version Image One-On Second Thought- The Digital Version

If you have ever entered this blog through the main URL you have seen the image before.

I made the image with my dearly departed Canon T3i DSLR last year while visiting Pittsburgh. I was out with a friend taking a short photo-walk in the downtown area. We came across this building and we both noticed the reflections in the glass. I set up my tripod as close to the corner as I could and pointed my camera up to the sky and got the shot you see above. Even though the image was originally in color I converted it to B&W because that made the metal of the building and the reflections in the glass stand out as compared to color.

A Second Chance Opportunity

Well, a couple weeks ago we were back in the 'Burgh visiting family and Pam and I went out for another short photo-walk. When we came upon the same building I immediately thought about recreating the shot, only this time with my trusty Rolleicord film camera. I knew it would be a similar image but different because of the fact that the Rolleicord uses medium format film and produces a square negative. The standard ratio of the Canon DSLR was 3:2 so the final image would have a different feel to it. I once again snuggled the tripod as close to the building as possible and pointed the Rolleicord to the sky. Composing the image was a little more difficult with the Rollei since the viewing screen was nearly pointed toward the ground (no articulating screen on a 56-year old camera!). This meant that I had to almost lay on the ground and crane my neck up to see the image on the cut glass viewscreen. I picked a focus point just about 1/3 of the way up the frame, set the exposure and clicked the shutter button.......and prayed that I got a decent image. Here's the result:

Image Two-On Second Thought v2-The Rolleicord Edition Image Two-On Second Thought v2-The Rolleicord Edition

If you compare the two images you'll see that I got pretty close to the same compositions I had with my DSLR a year ago. I didn't have the digital image with me to compare but my memory was pretty good. The center metal section is oriented differently in my Rollei image but the overall shot is pretty close. That was my goal. Which one do I like more?.....It's a close call. The original image has more of a futuristic feel to it because there is no sky showing at the top of the frame. But the square format of the Rolleicord is very appealing to my eye. I think the focus was a little better in the digital version but the details in the reflection seem "deeper" on film.

What's Your Opinion

Which one do you like? I'm interested to see what everyone's thoughts are. Cast your vote below.........

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