Pittsburgh In Black And White: Our Love Is Secure

Like many cities around the world, the bridges of Pittsburgh are filling up with all kinds of locks. This phenomenon is called "Love Lock" and it is supposed to be a symbol of a couple's enduring love. While I can see the attraction of doing something like this I think it has gone a little bit over the top. it seems that other famous love lock cities are in agreement. Last year when we were in Pittsburgh I don't remember any of these locks along the bridges but this year they were all over the place. Here's a shot of a small section of locks along the Roberto Clemente Bridge:

Our Love Is Secure Our Love Is Secure

Soapbox Warning!

Here's where I get on my little soapbox......

I know this may a bit of the "get off my lawn" type stuff that we all heard as kids but here goes:

While the locks attached to the bridge made for an interesting photographic subject I would have no problem if the City of Pittsburgh, and other cities, were to remove all of them. In my mind, placing a lock on a public space/structure like a bridge is the same as littering or graffiti. Show your love for someone with the things that really count, like your loyalty, actions and words, not by defacing public property.

Stepping off my little soapbox....... :-)